So after following my favorite beauty gal in the biz, Eva Chen (follow her on twitter or her tumblr), I decided to try out some of her suggested products! Now being the big editor she is, she has many more resources than I do but I did still want to try out all of the fun products that she swears by. I think the biggest down fall of trying a new product is the fear of spending all of this money and then not being satisfied. That’s when the entrepreneur side of us all comes out. It is no secret that I am a beauty product junkie, I hoard products that I think I may have use for in my many makeup bags until the new ones force them to the trash. Per Eva’s suggestions of her nightly skincare ritual I made some notes on what products I would like to try for nighttime and day. Image

With that being said, after yoga last night, CPAmom and I headed over to the mall to visit the makeup counters. Side note: if you are ever in the market for new beauty products, head to the counters about 30 minutes before closing time. The employees were free and happy to help us! We told the makeup artists that we were interested in trying some products and asked if they could supply us with some samples so we could try them out before making the big purchase. Skin care products are NOT cheap so you definitely want to make sure you try the right one! I plan on trying them in the next few days so look out for the reviews, enjoy! xx


Samples from Nordstrom: Origins Brighter by Nature SPF 35, Bobbi Brown Face Hydrator, Bobbi Brown SPF 15 TInted Moisturizer, Clinique Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator, and Clarins Total Eye Concentrate


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