Five Things Friday:

 Every Friday I will post on five special things that happened this week that were extra amazing and I want to share with all of you!

1. New Jack Rogers, it’s no secret how much I love these perfect sandals! (follow them on twitter too)


2. Pretty Flowers sent to me at work, love the pink Gerber daisies


3. My new prized possession earrings from our recent trip from Boston. I found this new store NRO, which is now my new obsession! I also scooped up this green Patagonia for the fall! These earrings reminded me of two of my favorite bloggers, The College Prepster and Design Darling.


4.  The room at the event I attended this past weekend, was beautiful! Notice the hanging butterflies similar to the ones hanging in Nieman Marcus.


5. Homemade donuts from this recipe were beyond easy and such a hit! All you needed was buttermilk biscuits, vegetable oil, a stick of butter, sugar, and cinnamon. Will for sure make those again! Here is a glaze recipe too!


enjoy, xx


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