Want it Wednesday

It’s mid week, or as CPAmom likes to call it “hump day”, and I can’t get over this weeks Wednesday Want List. Most of it is featuring one of my favorite bloggers Mackenzie Horans Botique that I am newly obsessed with. If I could I would shower my room with all of her adorable goods. Also follow her delightful blog here. Anyways, here are the things I am lusting over this week–


1. Design Darling Monkey Candle Sticks: I am going bananas for these candle sticks which are sure to make your living space more playful.Add a fun long candle stick (i love the hot pink shown here) to contrast the white.

2. Greek Note Cards: I am a sucker for hand written notes. I love technology and all, but nothing makes me more happy than to receive a heart felt hand written note. This inslee card is perfect for a casual hello or a heartfelt thank you!

3. K.Slademade Fold Over Clutch: This product is handmade and is unique in itself, I love this pink color and the contrast of the zipper. I encourage you to take advantage of this adorable site, which makes the cutest clutches and bags perfect for gifts. Also check out her blog here!

4. Jack Rogers Sorority Navajo: It is no secret that I love my jacks, I should actually start keeping count on how many times I mention them on my blog. But these black and gold sandals are great, plus they are my sorority colors! These sorority colored Navajos are perfect for football games, recruitment, and walks around campus.Plus, black and gold are perfect neutrals to match any outfit!

5. Monogrammed Acrylic Pencil Cup: I want this so bad for my desk! I am a monogram fanatic and love the acrylic look. Perfect to throw in Design Darlings things we love pencils or your makeup brushes!

Hope you like my want it Wednesday picks, what are you craving today? enjoy, xx


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