Show Me Your Lilly

In honor of National Wear Your Lilly Day, here is a post all about Lilly Pulitzer. It is not a secret that I just adore everything she does, from her clothes to her adorable coffee mugs! Her dresses are the perfect in between for day, night and the pool and give a girl that classy look everyone aimes for. It is scary to think it all just started with a juice stand.


Here are the dresses on my most wanted list, I am seeing how long I can go without taking my intern paycheck directly to the store.



1. MarieKate Dress: This lace dress would be oh so perfect for a cocktail party, plus I have a soft spot for anything green (go state!).

2. Kolby Dress: I am a HUGE fan of the lp shift dress, I just think there is something about how simple and flattering that makes it such a statement. It is the perfect balance of pretty girl-y and naughty zip-up-the-front-fun. Plus, can you stand that bright blue??

3. Clyde Dress: This Strapless dipped print is just too perfect for a beachy dinner; I just can’t handle the adorable lobsters and anchors!

What’s your favorite lilly item? enjoy, xx


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