Bachelorette Recap

Last night my good friend and I got together and watched our favorite girl Emily Maynard do some major work in Prague.

Two very important things happened last night…

1. Doug went home, finally.

2. Arie did not go home, thank goodness. Although Us Weekly had broke the story two weeks ago that Maynard would be sending the race car driver home after hearing that he had previously had a relationship with a bach producer, the rumors were displayed to be untrue. Arie is definitely a front runner to me, so I would have been super sad to see him go.

Calling it right now, the final three: Shawn, Jef and Arie. Sorry Chris, but your awkward last minute effort to steal Emily away before the last rose last night really turned me off.

Thanks to Possessionista, we have all of Emilys super cute styles from every episode to indulge in! I have to say, I was a super fan of those beaded shorts, but not paired with those boots in middle of the day.

We also saw a reapperance from the adorable Koolaburra Veleta wedge bootie, which I might need to invest in. They just seem to have so much potential!

So next week is home town dates, my favorite and I just can’t wait to see all of the families plus who gets sent home! What was your favorite part of the bachelorette and what was your favorite thing she wore?? xx


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