Want it Wednesday

This whole want it Wednesday is becoming to be quite dangerous for me. As I look for the things I would like to feature, I fall in love and then hide my credit card so I am not tempted to purchase any of it! I hope you all can refrain too!


1. Jack Rogers Monogram Navajos– When you mix two of my favorite things together, jacks and anything monogrammed it gets a little dangerous. Plus, this bone color is a great neutral!

2. iConvert Scanner for Ipad Tablet: I saw this in a magazine last month and right away fell in love. I love flipping through magazines and dog-earring articles and looks but often lose them. This little scanner lets your tame your paperwork jungle in your life and capture sharp images to save directly to your photo folder. Another reason I NEED this, my grandmothers old handwritten recipes that I would hate to lose. Bets are on for how long I can hold off from purchasing this magical machine.

3. Enamel Initial Cuff from C.Wonder: So if you have not heard of C.Wonder yet, you need to check it out. This adorable Soho shop (one just opened in the Hampton’s too) is owned by Tory Burch’s ex hubby and won’t disappoint. Items for your home, accessories, and clothes! I could spend hours in the store.

4. Kenneth Jay Lane Ivory Ganesha Bangle: This item is a bit of a tease because you can’t buy it, you must rent it. I found it on my favorite, rent the runway and am lusting for it so bad. I just love the adorable diamond encrusted elephant!

5. J.Crew Flower Latice Necklace: J.Crew is really stepping up their jewelry game lately, and this piece is no exception. It’s breathtaking blooms are crafted of gorgeous hand cut stones and sparkling glass. The only thing awful about the piece is the price, sigh.

What are your want it Wednesday items? I would love to hear! xx


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