Antique Andventures

So in a recent post I shared how I had recently purchased a vintage bar cart and vanity at a little antique store in Eastern Market. Well yesterday during my lunch break, HS and I rode over and picked up the bar cart as well as two other items that I found. We had put the items on lay away. I wish items at the mall could be put on lay away, but oh the trouble I would get myself in to.

I also got a great little wood chair to put with my vanity. It came pink, since it was only 14 DOLLARS, I am still in shock I am going to make that my practice piece to try painting. I also picked up a fur coat from the 50’s which was purchased at Hudson’s. I literally fell in love with it. I will put pictures of those items as soon as the jacket gets back from the dry cleaners! And I will do a DIY on the chair!

Anyways I snapped some photos of the bar cart and vanity, my apologies I took them with my iphone in the dark antique store.


{the vanity has an adorable little pop up mirror, perfect for getting ready, and hiding your makeup}



{the most adorable 60’s bar cart, perfect for entertaining}


Monday Morning Mascara

Even though I have a severe love for makeup, my day routine is pretty laxed. Throw on some primer, some bronzer and a swipe of mascara and I am good to go. With mascara having such a short life, I am always on the look out for the best one. I hate when it starts smelling after a few months.

Recently Nordstrom had a sale which offered a buy two get one for free, so CPAmom and I of course took advantage of this and bought three that we had never tried before.


 1. Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill: I have never loved a mascara so much in my life. I swear by this magical mascara, especially for night time for killer eyes.

2. Dior Blackout: Thickening powder adds staying power to this perfect charcoal-like finish. This is a second favorite, right behind the Armani.

3. Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara: Although this is my third favorite, it doesn;t mean I don’t love it. This is great for length and fullness, inspired by the on-set technique of layering a lengthening fiber mascara over a volumizing formula.

Whats your favorite mascara? xx