Antique Andventures

So in a recent post I shared how I had recently purchased a vintage bar cart and vanity at a little antique store in Eastern Market. Well yesterday during my lunch break, HS and I rode over and picked up the bar cart as well as two other items that I found. We had put the items on lay away. I wish items at the mall could be put on lay away, but oh the trouble I would get myself in to.

I also got a great little wood chair to put with my vanity. It came pink, since it was only 14 DOLLARS, I am still in shock I am going to make that my practice piece to try painting. I also picked up a fur coat from the 50’s which was purchased at Hudson’s. I literally fell in love with it. I will put pictures of those items as soon as the jacket gets back from the dry cleaners! And I will do a DIY on the chair!

Anyways I snapped some photos of the bar cart and vanity, my apologies I took them with my iphone in the dark antique store.


{the vanity has an adorable little pop up mirror, perfect for getting ready, and hiding your makeup}



{the most adorable 60’s bar cart, perfect for entertaining}


Pink and Yellow

So as some of you may know, I am moving into my first house next week. I have gone totally interior design diva on this. All of the sudden I am totally into picking out the perfect furniture pieces and fun throw pillows!¬†CPAmom is on her 100th anxiety/panic attack about me leaving and has already given me the “I am not made out of money” talk. (Sorry Mom)

Anyways, I am really into vintage/antique shopping right now. I really enjoy finding old pieces and mixing and matching them to create a really cool look. I have been finding new antique shops around the Metro Detroit area and going to find just the right pieces.

The first place kind of fell into my lap. CPAmom and HS and I were out at The Eastern Farmers Market downtown and came across this hole in the wall antique store, somewhat hidden. CPAmom encouraged me to adventure in. This place was like a gold mine!

I found a fabulous bar cart, which I have longing for, for a while as well as a beautiful 1960’s vanity, and a demi-lune table pictured below.

ImageAll of these things are going to look great together. I am taking these pieces as well as a bedroom set that my family purchased years ago for a guest bedroom that we don’t use anymore!

I have actually been wanting a bar cart for a while after seeing Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere blog about hers. I plan on using it for when I entertain, yes I plan on entertaining in college. Totally chic, right?

I also got a new comforter from Anthropologie, (25% off now too!) which I adore. It is white with flowers and ruffles. It is made of the most yummiest and softest t-shirt like material I have ever felt.


{Georgina Bedding}

I am getting white sheets and having them tie-dyed a pastel pink and yellow to match my color scheme. As well as getting this cute little yellow couch with a little white coffee table.